About PicoSearch


Your website can be your best friend. It's loaded with valuable information. Consult it today, with PicoSearch!

What is PicoSearch
PicoSearch, from SAS, is a business search hosting service that provides site search navigation for your website's visitors. Acquired by SAS in 2008, this valuable search navigation technology is easy, effective and safe, adding professionalism and value to any website. With your search engine account, managed online, you can customize search on your own website or collection of websites. There's no waiting and no sharing of search services you get your own search engine, so you control when your search gets updated. You can re-index and refresh whenever your site content changes. Whether you are offering a search box on one site, or serving as a mini-portal for many Web pages, you will help your visitors find what they're looking for while keeping them on your site. And with more relevant site content, prospective visitors are more likely to become customers.

PicoSearch is easy to install, and offers fast accurate searching with no additional software required. This service is available FREE for popular default settings, or by business-quality subscription services with full layout control and advanced account management features.

Free accounts display the PicoSearch branding, while paid accounts are not required to carry any advertising or reference to PicoSearch at all. Paid accounts may re-sell their own advertising space through clever use of their design templates.

Typically, individuals love the advanced searching power that PicoSearch Free brings instantly to any homesite, while businesses and entrepreneurs enjoy the low-cost, no-maintenance approach of the Professional and Premium Plans, by which the look-and-feel of the search results pages can be fully integrated into the existing site design for high indexing limits.

PicoSearch levels the playing field for web designers by making high-end services available to non-server owners and beginners alike. Check out our sample customers for real search examples! Thanks to proprietary technologies which have been developed specifically for the Search Hosting concept, PicoSearch offers advanced features like: all search words shown as found in full-context (concordance), multi-lingual displays, user search statistics, while-you-wait installation, multiple indexer entry points with precise link-following control, high-reliability with on-demand re-indexing, and high indexing limits. For a full list of features see the service plan comparison charts, and don't forget to frequently check our What's New pages too. We are continually bringing advanced new options on line with no disruption to current services, so you'll want to take full advantage of every great feature!

PicoSearch uses a world-class carrier facility and redundant architecture at an internet backbone to ensure that your personal search engine is up and running 24 hours a day. Our downtime is less than .01% (which is as good as it gets on the Internet!), and our tech support is exceptional should you ever have any difficulties or suggestions. Special requirements, such as for extra-large sites or custom data sources, are available to fee-based clients from the PicoSearch consulting staff, which is comprised of experts in the fields of hardware, software, and computational linguistics.